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How We Screen Your Rental Applicants

We work hard to find the right tenant for your investment

Baton Rouge Tenant Screening

We prioritize finding the right tenant for your investment rather than settling for a quick but potentially problematic tenant. We understand that taking the time to select the best tenant carefully leads to a positive and stress-free rental experience.

While some may assume that a simple credit check and employment verification are sufficient, we go above and beyond with our thorough tenant screening process. We gather extensive information, including:

  • Credit Check
  • Debt to income ratios
  • Criminal history check
  • Employment verification
  • Eviction history check
  • Previous landlord calls

Our screening process goes beyond solely relying on a credit score. We take a comprehensive approach, assessing the overall applicant to ensure a successful tenancy. This proven method has consistently yielded excellent results, providing you with peace of mind and a reliable tenant for your property.

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